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The Purpose Of Using Pulling Units To Repair Oil Wells

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When an oil well needs repairs, there is a lot of work involved. Contractors will need to use different equipment to access the pipes, do repairs, and ultimately complete the job. A pulling unit is an essential piece of equipment when working at an oil well. The pulling units have the strength to lift large pieces of equipment with ease to make the job of completing repairs go much smoother for the contractors involved.

Why Would an Oil Well Need Repairs?

An oil well would likely need some repairs due to deterioration that takes place over the years. A lack of service can prevent an oil well from functioning correctly and producing much-needed oil. When there is a disruption because several of the different parts of the oil well have damage to them, contractors can complete a workover rig that involves digging into the ground, patching up some of the equipment, and removing damaged material before replacing it.

How to Select the Right Pulling Units

Pulling units play a significant role in helping contractors get the job done the right way. While several types of pulling units are available, those who are completing work on an oil well must first look for ones that have the following features:

  • Capable of pulling more than 50,000 pounds
  • Capable of pulling all kinds of pipes, including large, bulky tubes from the ground
  • Convenient control panel for smooth operation
  • Guide system

Workers can look for pulling units that come with many other features. The additional features will make their job a bit easier while allowing them to complete the necessary repairs within an ideal timeframe.

What Are the Perks of Using the Pulling Units?

When using this equipment, risks for workers become much lower. The equipment reduces the workload for the contractors who are spending hours outside while trying to patch pipes and replace them. It allows more work to get done within less time due to its efficiency. When contractors know how to operate the pulling units before they get started, they can begin picking up and pulling pipes from the unit within minutes.

Oil wells often need repairs to go back to functioning correctly. When the repairs are a must, contractors can use pulling units to help them lift and remove all the old, damaged pipes from the ground. The pulling units are capable of lifting some of the enormous loads within minutes, which increases efficiency and helps with the crew's productivity rates.

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