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Three Reasons To Buy Turntable Wrapping Machines

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Turntable wrapping machines are one of the best machines that an industrial or manufacturing facility can invest in. These machines, which come in different models with different levels of automation, can wrap your pallets full of inventory for you without requiring nearly as much labor, allowing your business to cut down on time, injury, and inconsistent wrapping.

They Cut Down On Time

One of the main benefits of a wrapping machine and its related equipment is that it can wrap pallets faster than employees could. A machine does not need to walk around the entire pallet dozens of times to cover the entire pallet — it can simply rotate the turntable that the pallet is on and let the wrapping material wrap itself over the pallet. Plus, the machine automatically raises and lowers the roll of wrapping material without requiring someone to bend over repeatedly. This, combined with the ease of programming the machine, allow a company to reduce the time taken to wrap pallets.

They Lower The Risk Of Injury

One of the most common injuries in an industrial environment is one that results from repetitive motion. The repeated or constant motion of bending down, stretching, and even the dizziness from walking around a pallet can all contribute to injuries in a warehouse or manufacturing workplace. Injuries are expensive for both your business and especially for your worker. Wrapping equipment allows for these motions to be reduced down to the minimum, which helps your workers and your business as a whole. The fewer repetitive injuries, the better the quality of life for your workers, and the smoother your business runs.

They Keep Wrapping Consistent

Finally, one of the best benefits of industrial wrapping equipment is that their programming allows for more consistent wrapping than what manual wrapping could allow. Workers have their own method for wrapping equipment on an individual basis, and when those pallets need to be unwrapped, they will need different methods or even different cutting choices to do so. On the other hand, a pallet wrapper will wrap every pallet in a more consistent manner. The height of the goods stacked on the pallet will differ, but there won't be strange loops or unique wrapping choices. This can cut down on both time taken to unwrap pallets and the risk of injury. If necessary, you can even invest in an automatic pallet unwrapper.

Turntable wrapping machines and equipment allow for a pallet to be wrapped with less manual labor, reducing time and energy spent on pallet wrapping and reducing the risk of injury. For more information, contact a local turntable wrapper supplier, like Fox Packaging Services.